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State Contractor Licensing Requirements

Each state has different requirements for contractor licensing.  The following are links to each state’s licensing websites.  It is also valuable to note that states grant a top tier of licensing, yet county’s can make contractors follow more stringent requirements.  Please make sure to check state and county government websites to cover all bases when…

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Buying A Handicap Accessible Home

Buying A Handicap Accessible Home Before you start I’d like to start by apologizing for the blog title. For the past 20 years, I’ve been committed to helping people with a physical disability either modify or acquire property for wheelchair accessibility. During this time, I’ve learned that politically incorrect terms are commonly used when looking…

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Process and Sequencing

Accessible Remodeling: The Importance of Process and Sequencing If you were told you had to build a LEGO kit, what would be the first thing you should do?  What’s the process? Open the box and find the directions, right? However, if you are brazen enough to try building a kit without following the instructions, the…

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Action Trackchair

Outdoor only power wheelchairs have been around but come at a high price tag, $30,000 – $40,000.  Some models cannot guarantee more rugged use in woods, beaches, and snow. The Action Trackchair is about $10,600.  It is not meant for use inside a home, at doctors appointments, or shopping centers with its overall width of…

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Temporary Wheelchair Accessible Flooring

Wheelchair accessible flooring can be a common problem for individuals who use manual wheelchairs. Carpeting and unleveled floor transitions between rooms often create physical barriers and can reduce, or even prevent, access into a room. Rental apartments magnify the challenge because these homes are more likely to contain carpet in the bedrooms, leaving tenants with…

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