Accessibility Design and Draft Services

We found the majority of accessible remodeling projects do not include plans, drawings, or specifications. Without these critical components, how are the special needs of the client being met? Accessible remodeling typically addresses the needs of one specific individual, and it requires due diligence and proper planning. We often receive calls from frustrated individuals when their contractor has completed a project and moved on to another job elsewhere — even though the remodeled space did not meet the individual’s needs. There was a disconnect between what was needed and what was built. This is where AHS comes in; we work hard to bridge the gap between consumer and builder by developing drawings and renderings to serve as blueprints for successful accessibility design in remodeling projects.

3-D Renderings: See It in Advance

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We agree. That’s why we offer our clients photo-realistic, virtual renderings drawn to scale. These customized renderings illustrate what the remodeled space could look like before it’s built.

The technology we use allows us to test various layouts to ensure that the final structures are completely optimized prior to construction. This gives our clients peace of mind, and it is ideal for both client and contractor. The client knows the end result will be a functional living space, and the contractor has a detailed illustration of the necessary work.


2-D Drawings and Sketches: Simple, Fast, and Thorough

Not all of our projects require 3D renderings; sometimes simple drawings will suffice. A client might need a drawing of a shower stall to show the location of the water controls, grab bars, and a wall-mounted seat that will enable his safety and self-sufficiency. A client may need a sidewalk detail sketch or drawing of a ramp configuration that includes handrail and guardrail placements in order to promote optimal use and to maximize her independence.

Contact AHS today to schedule your consultation, and you can have your drawings in a few days. If you have an internet connection, you can benefit from our services. Get it done right the first time, and save yourself time, money, and aggravation.