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The lack of residential accessibility building codes in the US has created a housing inventory characterized by physical barriers not conducive to accessible housing, such as steps, multi-level floor plans, and “sunken” rooms. If you’ve gone through an accessible real estate search, you’ll quickly agree. Since this type of housing is not readily available, most people are forced to pick the “best bad house” on the market and hope for the best.

After working exclusively in the residential accessibility field for the past 17 years, we’ve developed a unique set of skills which helps when trying to determine which “best bad house” to buy, and it includes the following:

Based on a client’s diagnosis and prognosis, we can accurately predict how he or she will complete their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) and what equipment could overcome barriers in the home.

Once we walk through or review a home, we’ll accurately project the cost of the modifications necessary to maximize a client’s safety and independence.

We’ll develop creative and cost-effective methods to secure the property for the client.

Since time is of the essence when selecting a property, our proven techniques allow our clients to stay in control of the situation while protecting their financial interests.

Realtor Services
Our staff is currently licensed in Maryland however we can assist you in any state. If you are located in MD, we can represent you as your Buyer’s agent. If you’re in another state and working with a licensed agent, we can work in co-op with your agent. Under this situation, ask your agent if they’d be willing to work with us in a co-op arrangement. In past projects, we’ve screened homes, taken virtual tours of homes, developed contract strategies, and helped align services through settlement. We typically do 50% of the work.

Short-Term Housing
If you’re in the market for a rental property, we’ve developed a process to evaluate properties which may suit your needs. We’re able to help negotiate lease terms, and we work with landlords to make light changes to properties. As real estate investors and property managers, we understand how to foster positive relationships with property owners in order to get the deal done.

Work with Builders
New home builders often need guidance with wheelchair accessibility. Even the largest builder with a complete staff of architects and structural engineers will most likely need assistance. We work closely with builders throughout the entire process to develop sound design solutions that meet your needs and desires, and we also make sure your project stays in line with your budget. If you’re working with a builder, we can help.

General Consultation
No matter what situation you’re facing or what stage your project is in, we can help.