Meet the Accessible Housing Services Team

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson’s road to AHS began in 1996, when he founded Allied Rehab Services in Baltimore, MD, a company that focused on subcontracting staff to home health agencies. Allied Rehab grew quickly, employing 43 physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologists within two years. In 1998, Eric founded a durable medical equipment and supplies company to complement the services offered through Allied Rehab. USA Rehab, a Medicare-accredited company, continues to specialize in mobility, accessibility, and assistive technology, as well as accessible housing remodeling throughout Greater Baltimore.

Eric witnessed first-hand that physical impairments confined individuals, making them prisoners in their own homes. Built with multiple steps, narrow halls and doorways, inaccessible bathrooms, and sunken rooms, most homes presented insurmountable challenges to independence and self-sufficiency. This became the impetus behind his passion for Universal Design, real estate and construction. He studied professionally, learning the skills needed to change the confinement suffered by those with physical limitations. He earned Maryland licenses in real estate appraising and sales and is a licensed building contractor, specializing in accessible housing.

Eric integrated this expertise to establish Accessible Housing Services (AHS). Since 2006, Eric has provided residential accessibility consultation services to individuals in need of modification and the professionals who facilitate them. His experience, knowledge, and objectivity have enabled him to restore independence and improve the quality of life to thousands of individuals.

Eric serves as a legal expert in the field of wheelchair accessible housing. Drawing on his wealth of experience and education, he provides authoritative evidence regarding accessibility issues, accommodation requirements, and acquisition and remediation costs for suitable housing necessitated by accidental injuries or medical malpractice. His testimony has been provided on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants, individuals and corporations.

Though Eric dedicates all of his professional time to AHS, he often serves as a contractor, directing accessible and universal design remodeling projects. Working hands-on, as he often does to the surprise of his clients and professional peers, keeps his consulting skills honed and focused. The field experience gives him greater insight when designing modifications. In Baltimore in 2005, Eric purchased a house and created a Universal Design model home. Eric incorporated more than 70 accessible and universal design features in the remodeling project, resulting in a barrier-free living environment. The house won the accolades of builders and accessibility advocates and was featured in national magazines, newspapers, television shows, and talk shows.


Shara Anderson has more than 15 years of experience working in multiple capacities within the home health and accessibility field. She’s a licensed occupational therapist, certified Assistive Technology Practitioner (ATP) and Rehabilitation Technology Supplier (RTS). After graduating from Quinnipiac College, Shara spent the first five years of her professional life working on the TBI unit of Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, MD. After Sinai Hospital, she shifted her focus to the home setting by working as an OT in Kennedy Krieger’s Home and Community Program.

In 1999, Shara began to develop the mobility and assistive technology services of USA Rehab, a Medicare Accredited durable medical equipment (DME) company located in Baltimore. As she helped build this new DME company, Shara learned all aspects of providing complex rehab equipment to clients, from evaluation and documentation to repairing and customizing equipment. Due to this extensive first-hand experience, Shara has grown to possess a unique skill-set compared to other therapists in her field.

At Accessible Housing Services, Shara provides consultation services for the acquisition of complex rehab equipment, and she facilitates the service directly between the paying source and end user. This allows her to remain objective when providing consultative services. By staying current in the industry, Shara ensures that the most appropriate devices are selected for her clients, negotiates discounted prices from vendors, and oversees proper delivery and thorough user education. Her direct access to equipment and manufacturers are invaluable to AHS.

Shara also offers considerable remodeling and accessibility experience. In 2005, she assisted Eric in remodeling a Universal Design model home. Shara was instrumental in the bathroom and kitchen design as well as the home’s layout and product selection. She can frequently be found in the field evaluating, measuring, and problem-solving.

Shara is one of a handful of occupational therapists approved by the state to perform Environmental Assessments.

Melissa Donbroski

Melissa Donbroski is the Solicitation and Project Manager at AHS. As the Solicitation Manager she oversees the harvest and solicitation of contractors, vetting the contractors, scheduling onsites, and obtaining estimates for projects. Melissa works closely with the homeowners and the contractors to coordinate all aspects. As the Project Manager, Melissa oversees the project through completion. She stays the primary contact for the contractors and homeowners throughout the entire project. She coordinates field agent onsites, documents all work in relation to the plans, keeps all parties updated regarding the projects, and helps to facilitate a good relationship between the homeowner and the contractor. With many years of administrative experience, Melissa provides support on client communication, plan and contract compliance, and case specific tasks.


Beth Case holds a strategic administrative position within the AHS team. As the Assistant to Shara Anderson, she is responsible for handling correspondence; assisting with important case information follow up; overseeing task completion; assisting with case billing along with many other general administrative duties.

Beth holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. She brings many years of human resource and strategic business management experience to AHS. She possesses over twenty years of experience directing personnel, maintaining client relations, and ensuring operational efficiency within the healthcare arena.


Leigh Breckinridge fills several different administrative roles at AHS. She facilitates the Pre-Construction and Construction phases of our projects – compiling necessary documentation, insuring contract compliance, and acting as a primary contact for both clients and contractors. As the Accounting Manager, Leigh is responsible for client invoicing, payroll, and financial analysis. She also assists with real estate research, helping to identify accessible housing options for clients. Leigh has a background in Marketing and Client Relations, and has served as a volunteer in multiple capacities before and during her years as a Navy wife.



For the past 10 years, Russ has worked exclusively in the home medical equipment and accessibility field. In that time, Russ has gained extensive knowledge in the delivery, set up, and repair of all home medical equipment. His experience with patient lifts, beds, bathroom safety, and ambulatory aids provides him great insight at his role at AHS. Russ has successfully completed hundreds of exterior accessibility projects through USA Rehab, and he has become a very proficient manual and power mobility repair technician.

Russ’s primary role at AHS is to complete the initial home measurement phase of our projects as well as to provide contractor management services for our projects. Russ’s eye for detail ensures that the contractor’s work complies with contractual stipulations and that the work is completed correctly the first time.

Prior to entering the home medical equipment field, Russ worked in the commercial construction field.