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Outdoor only power wheelchairs have been around but come at a high price tag, $30,000 – $40,000.  Some models cannot guarantee more rugged use in woods, beaches, and snow.

The Action Trackchair is about $10,600.  It is not meant for use inside a home, at doctors appointments, or shopping centers with its overall width of 37”- 39”.  It will navigate outdoor recreational areas including woods, beaches, and snow.  The Action Trackchair can also allow its user to work on a farm or ranch setting.  It is not built for speed, its high torque motors are built for strength and power.  It can even be used to plow or tow.  Available accessories include a generator rack, lights, and exterior hitch mounted carrier with ramp to transport the chair at $536.

For those with the ability to safely stand, the Trackstander adds the element of standing.  The unit is stable enough to allow standing while driving for $15,700.



Shara Anderson

Shara Anderson has more than 15 years of experience working in multiple capacities within the home health and accessibility field. She’s a licensed occupational therapist, certified Assistive Technology Practitioner (ATP) and Rehabilitation Technology Supplier (RTS). After graduating from Quinnipiac College, Shara spent the first five years of her professional life working on the TBI unit of Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, MD. After Sinai Hospital, she shifted her focus to the home setting by working as an OT in Kennedy Krieger’s Home and Community Program.


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